01 Jan '85

What is YOGA for ATHLETES®?

By Kimberly Fowler

YOGA for ATHLETES® (YFA) is the style of yoga we teach at YAS Fitness Centers. It was created by an athlete for athletes of all levels, as well as anyone seeking a no-nonsense approach to yoga…and a good sweat. YFA® classes concentrate on the physical benefits of yoga, eighty-sixing the chanting and Sanskrit terms. Classes are “no-pretzel zones”—instructors don’t tie themselves in knots or expect you to. All classes are accompanied by cool, current tunes rather than traditional yoga music. If you’ve been turned off in the past by traditional yoga classes, YFA® may be just what you’re looking for. Classes focus on the areas of the body athletes use and abuse most—the hips, shoulders, hamstrings and core. Flexibility and stress-relief are central to YFA®, but so are strength and endurance. YFA® classes provide a serious, full-body workout. Students coming from other studios often express pleasant surprise at just how serious. All classes are one-hour. Each follows its own set sequence (as do many popular styles of yoga). YFA® is excellent cross-training for athletes: runners, swimmers, cyclists, YAS indoor cyclists—you name it. It’s designed to help keep you injury free and in the game — no matter your game, no matter your age. By practicing two or three times-a-week, you’ll improve flexibility, balance, strength and muscle tone. BTW: Our female members often say YFA® is the only yoga class their men will attend with them.