Only YAS offers the inimitable YOGA for ATHLETES®. This effective class integrates movement, strength and breath work to help athletes excel, no matter their sport or ability level. A sequential routine with specific Yoga poses; Kimberly designed this class for athletes and those of us whose flexibility may be challenged, but it is challenging enough even for the most flexible among us to reap its benefits. And it’s not just for athletes, YOGA for ATHLETES® reaches the athlete in all of us by improving balance, flexibility, power and stamina which can result in improved performance, injury reduction and faster recovery for everyone and athletes of all levels. Plain and simple, set to mellow modern tunes, it’s good for you.

*Designed for those who desire the tremendous benefits of YOGA FOR ATHLETES® but are short on time. Improve your yoga practice – in half the time. This effective class integrates movement, strength and breath work to help you excel no matter your sport, ability level, or lack of time. An all-levels class, the Power 30 is an intense, sequential routine of poses rooted in traditional yoga, focusing on stamina, balance, and power. Challenging enough to help you build long, lean muscles, yet accessible no matter your current fitness level. Set to mellow modern tunes, you will leave everyPower 30 class stronger, mentally and physically. The perfect combo of mind and strength building exercises packed into a class even the busiest executive, athlete or parent can find time to attend.

  • Class Levels
  • Beginners               STRETCH
  • Intermediate           CORE
  • Advanced                BALANCE
  • YOGA for ATHLETES® is 1- Hour
  • Power 30*