07 Oct '14


By Guest Blogger

by Haley Hunt Davis


Yes. That is actually what the parking lot wall of YAS Silverlake says. And they mean it. I started going to YAS about 4 months ago after driving by it every day to go to my gym. The name and the concept always intrigued me. YAS. That yoga life AND that spin life. But it’s not just regular ole spin or regular ole yoga. This place steps it up a notch. I’ll tell you why. Let’s start with their spin classes:


YAS SPIN CLASS. Anyone who has ever taken a spin class knows that that shit will kick your ass. In a good way. (Hopefully.) But anyone who has taken a spin class also knows that the results of the class depend on your mental stamina, the energy of the room, and the energy of the teacher. And these are the three places that I think YAS does it better than most. The teachers are uh-mazing. Always willing to answer questions (sometimes even before you ask them), full of genuine positivity and energy, and willing to push through and motivate you to the very end of class. Yes, I do have some favorite teachers, but truly I haven’t come across a bad teacher. I only have favorites based on music preferences and rapport. And there is a sense of community in the classes. People aren’t there to stare in the mirror and pedal a bit. And they aren’t there to rub shoulders with celebs. (I’ve been to spin places like that **cough cough**). The people in the classes are there to work their butt off, literally. And I’ve never ridden next to someone that didn’t push me to ride better or faster.

No. YAS is not Soulcycle. It is not the Virgin Airlines of spin classes. But maybe it’s more like Delta Airlines: dependable, comforting, and stocked with every amenity you could ask for, but it doesn’t need the flashy lights and music to prove it’s great. Just a thought.

For those of you who don’t know much about spin classes, the classes at YAS are 45 minutes long, and have 3 “sets” which are interval sets that work different aspects of your body. So no, spin is not just a leg workout. If you do it right, you’ll get some chiseled abs from it (I’m working on that part.) But truly, it’s a great *nearly* complete workout. I say nearly, because I really do think that spin and yoga go hand and hand to create the best full body and mind workout you could ask for. So now I’ll go on to tell you why I love the yoga at YAS…

  Yoga-for-athletes   YAS-yoga    

It’s because they don’t just do yoga. They do yoga for athletes. And although sometimes this can disengage you from the spiritual aspect of yoga, it is the perfect pair for spin. I DON’T KNOW WHY NO ONE THOUGHT OF THIS COMBO BEFORE. Having yoga in the same studio as spin should have been obvious, but sometimes the simplest of discoveries are the most genius. Your body tightens when you do spin. Duh. So what can help that? Yoga. Your upper body won’t get a lot of work in the spin room. What can help that? I’d say a yoga push up or two. You need a really strong core in the spin room to maintain form. What can help that? Well, I’d say yoga is a pretty good answer.

“Okay, Haley, I get it. They go together. But I don’t like yoga. It’s too slow, an hour feels like an eternity!” Well here is what I have to say to you: you could probably use that hour more than I could, but also… YAS has a solution for those who can’t do a full hour in the yoga room. It’s called the YAS class, and it’s genius. The YAS class goes like this…30 minutes of spin followed by 30 minutes of yoga.


BOOM. All your problems are solved. You get an abbreviated spin class along with a nice stretch after to cool down and heal your muscles. So somedays I feel like a power house and I go to a full spin class (45min) and a full yoga class (1 hour). Or some days I do one or the other. Medical options from Health Canada Pharmacy. OR some days I take the YAS class and get the best of both worlds. This allows me to feel like I am shaking up my workouts enough that I don’t need a gym membership. I no longer drive past YAS to go to my gym. YAS has become my gym. And I’m loving every minute of it.


Their branding is perfect for what they represent. YAS is there to make you feel like a badass. And they do a pretty great job.

The great part about YAS, is that they aren’t just in LA. They are expanding! YAS is in Orange County, and they are soon heading up to Portland! So please, if you are in SoCal, find a location and test out a class. The first class is only $10, and they are always having class specials and package deals. It’s worth every penny to me. And if you live in LA, come join me at YAS Silverlake! I’d love to ride next to you!

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Haley Hunt Davis is the author of Brewing Happiness : a food, health & lifestyle blog based out of Los Angeles. Please check out more of her work on her blog, and follow her on Instagram @brewinghappiness