06 Mar '13

Diane “V” Capaldi – The Power of Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis

By Guest Blogger

I have Multiple Sclerosis and in 2001 it became debilitating.  My body no longer could withstand repetitive motion of any kind; my nerve fibers would spasm making simple tasks impossible. The doctors gave me little hope that I would ever be able to live a productive life. At the young age of 38, I became legally disabled.

At this time, I had severe balance issues, limited use of my hands and was unable to lift my arms above my waist, but was drawn to yoga. I persevered and after 6 months my body began to change.  My hands were able to perform simple tasks and balance was becoming less of an issue.  The more yoga I did, the better I became.

In the present day, my disease is invisible to all who meet me. I am a YAS devotee and a certified YAS Yoga and Spin instructor.  Yoga for Athletes helped me turn the corner completely with regards to my health.  I have almost perfect balance and have full range of motion of my arms.  YFA is a key element to my well-being and an essential part of my healthcare.  The sequencing of YFA is designed to allow my hips and shoulders to open and to strengthen my core, both essential elements for me to be able to walk a straight line and maintain use of my limbs.  Without yoga in my life my MS filled body loses all that yoga has given back to me.  Yoga will always be one of the most important elements of my healthcare.  The belief that movement is medicine lives at the core of my being.

I am proud to be the co-owner of Kinesis: A Center for Integrated Living on the Westside of Los Angeles ( which offers physical therapy, psychotherapy, Pilates, personal training, TRX, FUNctional FITness, acupuncture, nutrition and therapeutic bodywork.   My business partner and myself met at YAS and proudly remain long-standing YAS devotee!


  1. 07 Mar '13
    Kimberly Fowler

    V, you’re an inspiration to me & I’m glad to call you a friend.

    • 07 Mar '13

      Right back at you K! So grateful our life energy brought us together! My body and my person are grateful! xo

  2. 07 Mar '13
    Kim Smith

    Woohoo! As always, so inspired by you V!!

  3. 09 Mar '13
    Gina Pergolese-Skinner

    Diane you are truly an amazing person.