19 Jan '10

Getting Good Press: L.A. Confidential & Ladies’ Home Journal Cover YAS and The No OM Zone DVD

By Kimberly Fowler

Don’t look now, but YAS, The No OM Zone DVD and yours truly are in the news again! Both L.A. Confidential‘s latest issue—The Fitness & Beauty issue—and Ladies’ Home Journal’s Ladies Lounge blog ran pieces on us last week and needless to say, we’re thrilled. “The Power of Positivity,” the L.A. Confidential piece written by Editor-in-Chief, SariAnne Tuschman, talks about my history of overcoming cancer to compete as a professional triathlete and, ultimately, to found YAS Fitness Centers. That article is only available in the print version of the issue, so if you want to see it, check out the current L.A. Confidential (on newsstands now). The piece was penned by Senior Editor Louise Sloan, who recounted the fun she had doing The No OM Zone Yoga Workouts DVD with her three-year-old son. I guess I’m right when I claim “you’re never too young or old to do yoga!” Big thanks to both SariAnne and Louise for taking the time to talk about all we’re up to here at YAS! I hope you’ll check out both of these writers’ pieces.

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