14 Mar '14

Getting Lucky with Yoga

By Guest Blogger

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up I thought it would be nice to focus The No Om Zone blog on something festive for the holiday – Luck. Whether you believe in “Luck” or not, one key element that most who are considered “lucky” can agree on is the aspect of Positive Thinking. For many, positive thinking, positive affirmations and an overall glass-half-full perspective is what sets the “lucky” apart from the “unlucky”. Positive Thinking plays a large role in a steady Yoga practice. The mind-body connection of a regular Yoga practice reaps many benefits (see Getting Out of Your Head) including removing the weights of negativity and feelings of unhappiness, embarrassment and inadequacy.

From the moment that you walk into any Yoga Room you are encouraged to leave judgment and criticism at the door – both directed towards yourself and your neighbor on the mat. Positive Thinking is established before your first deep inhale. Connecting with your breath… exhaling and letting it all go… is just one way we connect our mind to our body and begin our positive reinforcing. There are many poses in a Yoga sequence (including those featured in the YAS YOGA for ATHLETES ® sequence) that focus on the connection to the brain. Downward Facing Dog, a staple in most styles of Yoga, not only is a total-body stretch but also calms the brain and helps alleviate stress and mild depression. Cymbalta. Bridge Pose and Forward Bends can relieve anxiety. When your legs are trembling from a deep Warrior I your Yoga instructor will probably suggest resting in Childs Pose – another pose great for connecting to your breath and calming the brain. Ending your practice in Corpse Pose offers a final release by focusing on your breath, pushing out any thought trying to sneak into your practice and relaxing the entire body… including your brain. The post-Yoga ‘high’ that you experience when you gently rise from Corpse Pose at the end of your practice is due in part to the balance and calming effects that you’ve offered your body and will leave you feeling a little elevated – positive and confident.

This St. Patrick’s Day, if you want to get lucky, do a little Yoga.