Yearly Archives: 2014

24 Mar '14

No Pretzel Zone

By Kimberly Fowler

My philosophy when it comes to yoga, well honestly with most of the things I do in life, is to keep it simple. My motto in my classes is “safe, fun and effective”. Yoga is such a great exercise/workout for … Read More

14 Mar '14

Getting Lucky with Yoga

By Guest Blogger

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up I thought it would be nice to focus The No Om Zone blog on something festive for the holiday – Luck. Whether you believe in “Luck” or not, one key element that most who … Read More

07 Feb '14

Getting Out of Your Head

By Kimberly Fowler

So when you think of yoga poses for the head, what comes to “mind” (pardon the pun)? Probably headstand, right? Don’t worry I’m not going to ask you to stand on your head. Well, at least not yet! Headstand is … Read More